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Cyndee Campbell


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Cyndee grew up with radio.  Her father was big into Amateur (or ham) radio and at one point she was the youngest licensed Amateur Radio Operator in the WORLD (yep, had to learn Morse code for that one).  Her first radio gig was in a small Kansas town (pop. 10,000) running an Oldies show.  She was big into internships while attending The University of Kansas, and took them at several Kansas City radio stations, while serving as the Promotions Director for the KU station.  Just before graduation she landed a part-time on-air/promotions job in KC.  Seven years ago she decided it was time to take the leap to Eagle Radio and hasn't looked back since.  She is an avid reader (of gossip), has one cat (Ellis) and her favorite TV show is LOST.

Her first car was a 1985 silver Mazda 626 named Honey Schnuggles.

She bought her first house two years ago and named it Awesomer.

Once, she didn't realize the phone was hot and while leaving someone a voice mail, gave her cell phone number over the air.  Strangely, no one called it.

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