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The Bob Walker Morning Show

In memory of a great broadcaster, a great friend and a great man...


Name: Bob Walker

Nicknames: Bubba, Whistle, Britches

Birthday and Birthplace: 7/9/50, Augusta, Georgia

Who or What is Your Biggest Influence: My mom, Jonathan Winters

Four Favorite My 93.1 Artists: Dave Matthews Band, Alanis Morissette, Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls

Favorite Foods: Lasagna, Seafood, Pizza, Chinese

Three Words that Describe My Personality: Three-Ring-Circus

How I Got Into Radio: In High School I was "Boss Bob" on "Boss Bad Radio", WBAD, 1570 on AM dial, just above the police frequencies

Two Things You May Not Know About Me: I collect navel lint, love to moon Pet Semataries

Favorite TV Show: CSI, Letterman, Monk, Family Guy

Favorite Vacation Destination: South Padre Island, Atlanta, Southern California

In The Movies, I'd Be Played By: Robin Williams

If I wasn't in radio, I'd be: working at Wal-Mart

Most Embarassing Moment: I was doing a remote at Hardees where I did my whole morning show. At the end I was signing off with "Come Get Me Mother, I'm Through". At that point, a lady came storming in armed with a broomhandle. She started hitting me with it. I freaked out. She dragged me out to my car. I realized the person was the female engineer who had dressed up in the outfit. I did not recognize her at first. She totally had me confused.

Favorite My 93-1 Moment: Chasing Modene the cleaning lady with a chain saw

Most Annoying Habit: Biting my toe nails

My Pet Peeve: Tailgaters

Favorite Sports Teams: Chiefs, Thunder, Braves

I'm Afraid Of: Cops, Backing into cold door knobs

Other Non Radio Talents Few Know About: I can scotch tape live honeybees to my head without changing my hat size

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