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My 93-1 Christmas Cab

1. Must be at least 18 years of age to play

2. Win cash and prizes by taking FREE Christmas Cab Rides December 2, 2014, through December 22, 2014, on My 93.1.

3. Cab Rides available 1-time per person through duration of contest (listed above).

4. Listen to My 93.1 for ‘Christmas Cab” sounder. 

5. 9th caller will be eligible and  win ‘Cab’ ride and must be available for pickup in Hutchinson unless otherwise noted on-air.

6. Contestant will be ‘picked-up’ in Christmas Cab at their location within 93-minutes. If they are not available for ride, contestant will be asked to try again next time. The next available caller will be selected.

7. CONTEST – A. In the ‘Christmas Cab’, a series of questions will be asked. Each CORRECT answer will result in a prize for the contestant. Each INCORRECT answer will result in a ‘strike’. If the contestant receives ‘3-Strikes’, they are OUT and will be taken back to their original location with a consolation prize.

B. (5) questions will be asked over a period of the ride.

C. If contestant qualifies, (He/She) can Accept or Pass on a “Final Bonus Question”. If they Accept, another “all or nothing” question will be asked. A CORRECT answer will win CASH and keep all accumulated prizes in the ‘Cab Ride’. If they Accept and INCORRECTLY answer the “Final Bonus Question”, they will lose all accumulated prizes and taken back to their original location with a prize for participating. If they Pass the contestant will keep all their accumulated prizes from the ‘Cab Ride’.   


8. Gifts and prizes not redeemable for cash.

9. Employees of Eagle Communications not eligible to participate. Employees of participating sponsors not eligible to play on THEIR SPONSORED ‘Cab Ride’ Day.

10. All decisions of rules, regulations and contest are final and exclusive of Eagle Communications. 

The My 93-1 Christmas Cab is brought to you by:    
Midwest Ford Toyota
Pratt Community College
Westphal Jewelers
Jackson Meat

Jeremy's Paint & Body Shop
Ashcraft Pharmacy
Salt City Coin
The Hutchinson Community Foundation

AJ Auto Supply
Prairie Fire Farm
Wade Patton
Dr. Ester V Rettig

Midwest Sewing
Brown's Shoe Fit
Link's Place
Dirks Copy Products

El Potrillo in Lyons (poor-tea-yo)
Sports Shack
Commerce  Bank
Johnson Music

Linden Rebuilding Body Shop
Harley's Bicycles
Rice's Exhaust Service
Bluebird Books

Central Kansas Credit Union
Mercantile Shoppe
BTI in Bucklin

Kansas Cosmosphere
Don's Car Care
RK Custom Hand Engraving
Carolyn's Essenhause in Arlington
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