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DB Cooper


DB Cooper was born in Seattle Washington just before Disco became popular. At the young age of 12 he figured out that radio was a job like no other. Play Music – Get Paid. The writing (spray paint) was on the wall and DB was hooked by this crazy business! His loves are his family, his job, his pets, Italian food and a nice chilled fresh box of wine. He enjoys all types of music as well. AC/DC, Linkin Park, The Beastie Boys, Bocephus, Johnny Cash.. DB Cooper said in a recent interview "If it’s good music, it’s good music. Nuff said. Can I have my latte and my change now?" At a 16 he moved to California and got his surf on until he was 18. Then he was off to travel the world in search of a higher education.. DB has since lived in California, Oregon, Florida, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, South Carolina, Indiana and Chanute Kansas (Go Comets!) and now.. Here. This feels like home- Except in the winter months then it feels cold! He lives with his wife Heather, his dog Buster and his cat Boogie. –


Little known facts about DB Cooper:


DB Cooper really doesn’t like to fly… Or skydive…anymore….

He can swim just fine as long as he can see the bottom of the pool.

Yes, he is a smart aleck OFF the radio too..

You can find DB at most any coffee house ordering a Latte at 125 degrees with 2 sugars..


DB Cooper during a normal business day...
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