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Come join us Sunday, October 30 for
our 7th Annual Pumpkinaries! Click thru
below for details!


Kansas State Sports

Catch Cat football and basketball
all season on My 93-1. Click thru below
for the list of games and broadcast times.


Bit of a Hit

Casey Osburn plays a just a bit of a one of
your favorite hits each weekday afternoon at 3:35
and gives away cool prizes if you can give him the
song title and artist.


Hutchinson's Official Top 20 Countdown

You request your favorite song, and
we count them down every Friday
afternoon from 4-6. Submit an
E-Quest above to cast your vote,
and see last week's top 20
by clicking below.




American Top 40

Catch the top 40 songs in the country
Saturday mornings at 6.


Weekend 22

Catch the top 22 Christian songs each week
with the Weekend 22, Sunday mornings
at 7.


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